The unknown terms of Brexit could have an impact on EU Nationals in the United Kingdom

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EU Nationals in the UK

With the government having notified the EU that the UK will be leaving the organisation by 29th March 2019, the fate of EU nationals living in the UK is somewhat uncertain. Many such nationals have lived here for many years without the requirement to have any official documents confirming their status. With the outcome of the negotiations uncertain and reports of applications being refused, it is crucial to take action now. Doing so will give you an early start and a peace of mind. The Home Office are known for taking a long time to deal with applications and thus prompt action now would be the wise course to take.

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What Bart-Williams & Co can provide

We draw a distinction  between EU nationals who have been here for less than 5 years and at least 5 years. We advise and assist clients in making an application to resolve their status within. This includes people who are in employment, self-employed, students, those searching for work and those with independent means.

What it costs

We charge a fixed sum for most applications. We assess your case in terms of whether your application will succeed, the documents you will need and making the application. If you wish to make the application yourself, we provide a ‘check it’ service where we review whether the application is in order.

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