Power of Attorney v Deputy ( Court of Protection)


  A point that clients bring up is how much solicitors charge to prepare and register a power of attorney. To put it simply, it is higher than they expect. There was a time when it was a much simpler process with no requirement for court registration. Changes were made in the law with the [...]

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We have received a number of reports about an inheritance scam in which the perpetrator is using our SRA ID. Other than that, all the other details are different. The perpetrator is purportedly; Barrister Bart Williams Legal Practitioner, Solicitor & Consultant +44 1603 340 506 bart@bwilliamsandco.com B. Williams & CO Solicitor The Bircham Centre, Market [...]

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Modern Will Considerations.


A Will is a document which needs to be regularly reviewed to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. In the past year, there have been two significant legal developments which could affect the effectiveness of your Will. There is also a third issue that may need to be addressed.   With the high [...]

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