Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide expert advice on a broad range of issues.

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Corporate and Commercial Law

We understand that individual and corporate clients need quality and effective services. We aim to alleviate our clients of their concerns thus enabling them to get on with their business. We offer services in the following areas;

Sale and Purchase Agreements

Partnership Transactions

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Contracts

Company Matters

Legalities in respect of UK banking licence applications

Regulatory Issues

We treat each client with care and work closely with them on their corporate issues. We make it our goal to guide each client through each stage of their commercial matter, to make sure they find a solution but also that they can get value for money.

Why Use Bart-Williams & Co?

Put simply, we provide a legal problem solving service which works. From the start we say what we can do to help and provide preliminary information even before a client decides whether to instruct us. We believe in working closely with our clients every step of the way in a proactive manner to achieve the best outcome possible.

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What Are Our Costs?

Bart-Williams & Co always want the client to be in control. Therefore, we provide each client with an estimate of costs from the outset. There is no agreement until there is an estimate of costs so that the client does not feel blindsided. If there is an agreement, the client is informed throughout the process and the estimate will never be exceeded unless the client approves this. We do provide a fixed cost or cap and if the estimate is to be exceeded, the client will get a full explanation as to the reason why.

Listening to our clients’ feedback over many years has taught us that that is how the majority like to work.


We encourage our client to use mediation in order to seek to settle dispute at an early stage. This has the potential of saving costs and bringing the case to an early conclusion. Our focus is to achieve a good result for our clients. We will assist you through every stage of this process including the choice of mediator.


“Adrian dealt very sensitively and efficiently with my family law matter and made a very difficult period easier to deal with. His pro active advice, support and attitude ensured that I was able to get my child back into my life. Thank you always!”

“Mr Bart Williams had an excellent understanding of my situation in relation to litigation and bankruptcy proceedings against a very devious and difficult debtor, notwithstanding the inaction of the courts to deal with the matter in the same fashion. His sound advice helped me make the correct decisions and I was very happy with the service from his firm.”

One of our clients

“Bart Williams & Co were retained by us in the matter of the removal of an errant director and further steps in litigation proceedings against the individual. Their speed, attention to detail and cost effectiveness proved invaluable in securing the company’s interests. As a consequence, we have retained this firm to do all our legal work.”

One of our happy clients

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